On Premises or in the Cloud?

ISDA-certified SIMM™ with backtesting and what-if

ISDA-licensed SIMM™ implementation from CRIF or directly from your Front-Office system. With PNL backtesting, IM forward, what-if analysis, HVAR benchmarking and validation.

Standard Initial Margin Model (SIMM™)

Everix provides an out-of-the-box ISDA SIMM™ 2.4 software module with the ability to seamlessly integrate with your systems via CRIF files or other formats and quickly adapt to regulations changes. We test our calculator implementation against official ISDA unit tests set which is a guarantee of correct model interpretation.

As an ISDA SIMM™ licensed software vendor Everix can help you meet the regulator requirements once your organization becomes eligible to Initial Margin (IM) for uncleared derivatives.

Regulatory Coverage

Initial Margin

  • Full ISDA SIMM™ implementation
  • Fast model updates using Rix Aggregation Engine
  • Automatic backtesting of Initial Margin vs PnL result
  • Intermediary metrics visible at various levels
  • Drill down up to deal and leg level


  • Use CRIF files or compute sensitivities directly in Everix
  • Easily normalize in-house sensitivities to the SIMM requirements
  • Compute IM pledgor and secured for all eligible regulations and takes into account such details as AddOn & schedule method
  • Adjust and validate your results for auditing

Advanced Features

More than just IM

  • Forecast your IM amounts over trades lifecycle with forward sensitivities
  • Integrate IMVA as part as others xVAs
  • Use what-if mode to change a deal from counterpart to determine on-the-fly margin adjustments
  • Choose between all of your counterparties to minimize any new trade IM cost


  • Daily realized PnL against Initial Margin
  • ISDA Historical VaR to benchmarks model
  • Margin breach detection and reporting
  • Drill-down to trade level

What-If Analysis

  • Trade and Market what-if
  • Pre-trade incremental impact estimation
  • Run from Front-Office or Everix
  • Use Everix Risk API to connect to other systems

Fast execution

  • A fully distributed engine automatically deployed on your infrastructure
  • Dependency graph framework minimizing sensitivities computations depending on risk factors

Consolidated view of all charges

  • XVA
  • IM
  • SA-CCR
  • Liquidity

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