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Everix — All you'll ever need for risk

Get SIMM, XVA, Explain, VAR, HVAR, FRTB running fast on your infrastructure
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Use Cases
Everix is a flexible and performant integrated yet modular solution to empower your risk department
Market Risk / FRTB
VaR / HVaR / SVaR
Counterparty Risk
Liquidity Risk
Technical Features
Monte Carlo Engine
Parametric MC / HVAR
Pricing Models
Sensitivities Engine
Explain Engine
Aggregation Engine
Stress Scenarios
Portfolio What-If
Market What-If
Collateral What-If
Distribution in the Cloud
Automatic Deployment
Environments (pre-prod, prod, test)
High Resource Utilisation
Cross-platform Installations

What you get
Modern WebUI that informs
Fresh-looking risk metrics, market & referential data, portfolio, ad-hoc simulations and more at your fingertips in your favorite browser: on any OS.
Aggregation that adapts
Adapt to new regulations by building your own hierarchies and risk metrics or changing existing ones in days, not months with zero deployment costs using powerful aggregation engine.
Learn about Rix — our aggregation engine
What-If Scenarios made easy
Modify your data easily to create scenarios and see how your metrics move under different conditions. Easy-to-use UI to introduce changes to data and combine them in scenarios.
Explain that gives clues
Use PnL Explain and XVA Explain to understand your day-to-day metrics movements by attributing them to one of dozens of risk factors.
Stress scenarios as often as you like
Schedule runs of your stress scenarios and sensitivities daily, weekly, monthly or as often as you wish with your in-house scheduling system like Control-M or Airflow.
Technological choices
Distributed, cross-platform, cloud-ready
We chose the best available technology to make the distributed solution fast, reliable and truly cross-platform.
It is cloud-ready and not vendor-locked to the concrete provider. Be it public cloud or on-premises cluster, automatic deployment with Ansible and ability to ship as Docker containers will make deployment easy and repeatable on different environments.
Clients and Partners
Our clients say
Get ready to see it in action!
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Meet our core team
Our team is composed of highly-qualified people with both technical and functional backgrounds.
Dominique Vignaux
Gwenael Moysan
Functional Expert, PhD
Laurent Marcoux
Functional Expert
Alexey Larchenko
Lead Engineer, PhD
Konstantin Knyazkov
Senior Engineer, PhD
Sergey Novikov
Senior Engineer, PhD
By the way, we have a professional integration team
GMS Consulting provides expertise in implementation and integration projects in all areas of Capital Markets for a decade.

Analysis, specifications, solution design, project management and integration for major financial software are GMS key expertises.

Using Everix our team will provide you with a turnkey solution adapted to your needs.